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3 years ago


I have had nothing but problem after problem with cox since I moved to my home 4 years ago, this is by far the worst company I deal with out of all including the ones I deal with in my business!

Moderator be sure to review my account and you`ll see the countless service issues I`ve had to deal with to include the contour box being replaced 5 times, service out for a full two weeks to service ( tv and internet) just sparatically going out.

There have been several techs out multiple times with each one stating a " different" problem and assuring us they now have all our problems solved, BULLCRAP!

My cable right now is continually pixulating no matter what channel it`s on, the channel will freeze up when you try to pull up guide, go to last channel whatever and pop up that *** message " tighten all connections and re-start your box which usually resolves all problems" which takes 15 minutes at the least and accomplishes nothing.

Everytime I call, text or chat the first frigging thing they say is that same *** message, ALL MY CONNECTIONS ARE TIGHT! rE-STARTING THE FREAKING BOX SOLVES NOTHING.

I pay my bill on time and every month, this is **.

I`m over this **!

Very Unsatisfied Customer!!!