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4 years ago

How to avoid renting Panoramic Wifi modem?

I'm trying to upgrade to Contour TV and a faster internet (not Gigablast) and have compatible modem plus router so how can I upgrade without having to rent Panoramic Wifi modem?

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    Just go to your local Solution Store, signup for Contour TV and get a traditional (coaxial) cable box.

  • If you already have a modem that is compatible, you do not need to have a panoramic modem. To be sure that your current modem is compatible with a specific level of service, you can check the modem list which will provide the highest compatible package

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      BrianM - I agree but Cox's website is bad, including forcing the rental of a panoramic modem without a way to delete it from an order either when upgrading internet to 500 or upgrading television.  While Bruce's solution is correct, my experience with Cox staff is even less satisfactory than the website.  All of that's to say that a streaming only solution becomes even more attractive.

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        @Jasmine1357, We appreciate the feedback. Also, please feel free to reach out to us at if you experience any issues with our staff/reps so we can assist you. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.