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3 years ago

How about adding MeTV+ in Phoenix/

MeTV plus is on local channel 40.2 broadcasting from South Mountain.  Can this be added to the other local subchannels you have already on Cox, like Antenna and regular MeTV?  I can get it easily with a UHF antenna, but a hassle to switch inputs and wondering if you are considering adding it.  Thanks

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    Hi Davidoo,

    It appears we have MeTV available on channel 93. I am hopeful this is the version you're looking for. Please consider review of our channel lineup to learn about more programming that may interest you. May we extend support with anything else? Please email our address anytime.

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      Yes, you do have MeTV on channel 93.  If you check my question again, it is about MeTV+.  This is a separate channel and is broadcast over the air on channel 40.2, just like regular MeTV is on over the air 7.2.  Again....there are 2 MeTV channels with different programming....MeTV and MeTVplus.  

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        Thanks for clarifying that and I'd be happy to submit a channel request. Simply email my team your full name and address to

        Jonathan J
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