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4 years ago

Horrible Customer Service

We have been a Cox customer for over 15 years and have never had such horrible service as we have had recently. 

First, the tech who was assigned to move our services to our new home was here for over 7 hours and still did not have everything working.  He said he would come back but we never heard from him again.  Ended up paying someone else to come and fix the mess he left.  Then, our Contour box kept freezing.  Multiple calls to tech support and resetting the box before they brought out a new box.  Couldn't come in so we hooked up the new box ourselves.  Then the new box had the same problem so more calls to tech support.  This time, the tech came in the house.  He checked all the connections, including the ones in our main panel.  He gave us another new box and everything seemed to finally be working.  Until we tried to watch TV in another room and that box wouldn't work.  Called the tech and he suggested we replace the box.  But the store is only open from 10-4 so time off work to exchange the cable box.  Hooked up the new box and still didn't work.  Changed every cable going from the new box to the television and still didn't work.  Called, yet again, for tech support and was told someone would have to come out.  I told them that someone would need to fix whatever the last tech has disconnected in our main panel.  Now today, tech shows up and can't come in the house to fix what the last tech (who did come in the house) had messed up.  Called customer service and spoke with a manager who seemed to be uninterested.  Said he would give me a 30 day credit for the box that doesn't work.  And that I will need to call back every 30 days to see if someone can come fix what they broke or ask for another credit.  

I understand things have changed due to COVID, but it seems ludicrous to me that a tech can come in my house two weeks ago, break something, and now no one can come in and fix it.  Not sure why I pay over $200 a month for cable that never seems to work.  

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    It sounds like the tech that went in your home went above and beyond going against rules and risked his own health and possiby even death to fix your cable box which you stated worked once he was done.  I say it's a bit your own fault considering  no one is able to go into your home and you didnt check other tv's to be sure there werent any issues elsewhere in your home. I dont blame Cox technicians for being safe and not enterning.

    At the same time it seems a bit odd that every box you touch seems to not work... just sayin... 

    Basically, I wouldnt give them a hard time for wamting to keep ppl safe. You should also always have a backup plain