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Not sure that this is the forum but I am a new customer. I subscribed with Cox in early July. I live in a luxury apartment at The First National Centef in OKLAHOMA city. Last night we lost service for a few hours. This is not the first time. I've only been a customer for 2 months and have 5-6 interruptions already. Is this common. I've called twice, once reset and a few just waited and restored in the morning. Last night, I had friends over to watch a game and again, no cable or internet. It usually happens at night. I work 6 days from 9 am to 11pm and look forward to coming home and relaxing with the tv on. It's disappointing. Coming from the northeast and Comcast this would happen like once a year, not 3 times a month. 

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  • Hello. I know how frustrating loss of internet service can be and I want to help. Please feel free to send an email with your full address and a brief description of this issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.