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4 years ago


Cox needs to distinguish between HBO (premium channels) and HBO Max (streaming service).

I only use HBO premium channels.  HBO premium channels use the Cable TV Distribution network.  The Cable TV Distribution network is not metered.

HBO Max uses the Internet.  Cox meters the Internet.  Therefore, if I want to watch HBO on-demand, I don't want to stream via the Internet because it will count against my data cap.

As of now, when I navigate to HBO/HBO Max, there has been so much content added, HBO had to reorganize into subfolders:  0-9, A-C, D-F, etc.  It's awful.  When I browse a subfolder, most of its content is Internet-based.

Cox needs to distinguish between the mediums by either adding a filter for premium-channel only or separating the services.

When I navigate Contour, there is already a delineation point between Premium Networks and Streaming Apps...but Cox just fumbled it.

Contour button > On Demand > Movies > By Network...and then there's a choice between Premium Networks and Streaming Apps.  However, Cox just lumps HBO/HBO Max as a Premium Network.

I understand Cox wants to be the "cool grandpa" with groovy streaming, but Cox appears to always just blotch it with cheap hardware and lack of awareness.  Either add a filter or, preferably, separate HBO Max as a Streaming App.

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  • Hello Bruce. I'm so glad you contacted us about that; it's important that we meet your needs. I have submitted your request to our programming team on your behalf. -Allan