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4 years ago

Have to wait 48 hrs for 2nd level support


I just moved to Roanoke Virginia in July. From July to mid September I only had internet. Sept 17 I requested to have cable added. I went into the local store and picked up my boxes. When I got home and hooked them up I couldn't record. I went into chat and was told I didn't have dvr service so they were going to add it to my account. I still couldn't record. Went into chat again a few days later. Found out I was given regular contour boxes not dvrs. I had the dvr mailed to me. They only sent me 1 but I don't even care about that right now. Got the dvr last week. Box said cnfg and tv shows no signal. Went into chat several times. 3 agents ended my chat without helping me and without even saying they were ending it. Sunday night one guy told me my equipment didn't match what was in the account. He said I had 2 contours and 2 DVRs. I told him no I had 1 contour and 1 dvr. He said well that's why it doesn't work. He was supposed to have it fixed. Guess what, he didn't. Yesterday I was so mad I went into the local office. I told them the whole story. He apologized and said it would be working before I got home. Ok here comes the real shocker are you ready.... Nope it still didn't work. I went back into chat and she told me a tech had to come out. So tonight at 6pm will and Matt showed up. They replaced my box said it was damaged from shipping. When they left I had tv they said don't touch anything for at least 30 minutes and it could take at least an hour for the guide to work. About 15 minutes after they left the tv went back to no signal and the box saying cnfg. Back into chat I go. After multiple signals and resets the time is on the box and the tv says subscription required. Samantha told me she was sending me to the next level of support and have me a ticket number. She told me I'd be notified in 48 hours agree they figured out the problem. What the!!!! 48 hours???? If I had another option I would be cancelling my service. I'm livid!!!! Oh and 2 weeks ago for my "trouble" I was offered movie channels for 10 a month for a year. Too bad I can't watch them. My whole bill should be wiped to zero!!!!

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  • @Nysara75, I can certainly understand your frustration with this issue and we can look into it for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a link to this thread or a brief description of this issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.