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4 years ago

Grit TV

I am very unhappy about Grit TV not being old westerns. When can I expect the regular programming to resume. If it is not back soon I will consider other options to Cox TV or just turn the dang tv off completely. I pay for 140 channels and can't find anything to watch. Grit TV was the only thing besides "car" shows that I really watch.  Whatever is going on over at Cox, needs to be looked at before i just cancel Cox totally . Been a customer here at this address for over 30 yrs and 14 yrs at my previous address. Have been loyal customer and never seem to get a break on cost or now channel selection.

Need a service where I can pick the exact stations I will watch and pay for.  Don't need over half of what I pay for.  I am disgusted and upset. Give me back my westerns , OLD westerns not 1965 -2021

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    @New Email Account

    I know having the content that you want on your channel lineup is important to you. The Broadcaster KMYT in Tulsa made an unannounced programming change from Grit TV to Start TV. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Jonathan J
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      GRIT TV is still there in Tulsa.  It is on channel 44.4.  I had to get an antenna to watch.