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2 years ago

Frequent TV interruptions due to Cox Update or connections disruptions

Why does Cox do some many updates and/or cause TV disruptions, the updates happen almost every week, and occur at any time   Especially during the day when watching TV or even in the evening.   These updates should be processed during early morning hours when customers are asleep 

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    Contour has a default Daily Update Time at 2-4 AM.  Did you change it?

    Contour Button > Preferences > General > Daily Update Time

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    Regarding updates, I noticed Contour now is HDMI-CEC compatible.

    Contour Button > Device Settings > Power Preferences > HDMI Device Control (On/Off)
    "When your compatible HDMI linked TV is turned off, your TV box will go into standby mode"

    I guess it'll save power.  Would Contour also save the planet if I switch my TV to an HDMI source, such as a Roku?