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4 years ago

Free Time due to Faulty Cable Box

1st post in what I know will be many, but I have time to post it because my Cox Communications cable box rebooted for no reason. So I sit here in silence wondering why I spend so much money each month with a cable company that has SO many faults, from equipment to customer service I continue to be disappointed and fed up with this company.

My first grievance has always been that the cost of the service I signed up for online, stating final payment each month, turned out to be $30 less that what I have to pay each month, totally $168.90. A customer service rep told me I had no contract, however when it came time to cancel my service, suddenly there is a contract. 

This company should be avoided and I cannot wait for the day that I rid myself of this service.

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    my contour box reboots in the early morning every day!

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    The purposes of these forums is to discuss technical issues with peers. Billing and other account related questions are individual in nature and best discussed privately for the safety and security of the account holder. Feel free to email us at and we'd be happy to assist further.