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6 years ago

Formula 1 on ESPM3 NEW s

Shame on cox to don't provide any minutes of the qualifications and practice of the USA F1 race and the Mexican F1 race for $190 by months .

after 12 years with Cox this is last few months until my contract come to the end and will be very happy to switch for direct TV ATT

Bernard Chirent 

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  • Hi Bernard, ESPN News (channel 331 in your area) is currently airing this weekend's Formula 1 Gran Premio De Mexico 2018. It appears that the Guide information for ESPN News is incorrect. The Guide shows "ESPN Goal Line" instead of Formula 1. I'm sorry about that! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Except that ESPNews is only available with the very top tier TV package. Actually the shame is on ESPN/ABC/Disney for not showing these races on ESPN2 as has been the case for the other races this season.

      F1 has bounced from ESPN to Speed to NBC Sports and back to ESPN this season which airs the European broadcast and in my opinion is vastly inferior to any of the previous channel's coverage and is basically unwatchable. I watch with the sound off. The sound used to be a reason to watch. No so much anymore with the 8 then 6 and now 4 cylinder engines instead of the good ole 10 cylinders turning at 19000 rpm.

      I did not have high hopes when I read about the switch over the winter. Those fears were realized when at the very first race of the season back in March viewers were greeted with over 30 minutes of dead air. The new owners of FOM (Formula One Management) sought to commercialize the sport more than it already was and chose ESPN as their vehicle.

      I have no doubt F1 purists have voiced their concerns and hopefully FOM will make a change before the Formula Series races fold due to waning interest from their traditional fan base. As it is all F1 teams lose money and always have. Most are in it for the sport. Can't make a profit and be competitive in F1.

      The .01% of people in the USA that are fans know exactly what I'm talking about. The rest of you stopped reading somewhere in the second paragraph.