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4 years ago

Extreme DVR issues

Our DVR will not allow us to play-back major network shows we record. We constantly get a message that the DVR cannot connect to the Network, or is experiencing play-back issues; then the DVR just deletes the show altogether. It’s just gone and we have no choice but to watch on demand the next day. At this point why pay for DVR service at all? Might as well just stream all shows! Very upset at how much this tv service is costing when the quality of this cloud service is so shoddy! That doesn’t even touch on the other issues with fast forwarding, audio issues, skipping video. Again this mainly affects shows recorded from main network channels like ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC. Not so much the cable channels.

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    I've checked the cable boxes signal levels and they aren't up to spec. Please check all ends of the coax cable and make sure they're secure (hand tight) Also, check to see if there's a splitter or amp connected to the coax cable.

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