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4 years ago

ESPN and Sports blinking or pausing

I have the issue where im watching a football game or basketball game then it quickly pauses or blinks, then it comes back. its super frustrating. I changed mini boxes once, it didnt work. I changed the cables, it did not work. I reset the box, it did not work. Nothing is resolving the issue. Does anyone have any help or suggestions? 

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    I also had a guy come out and check my signals coming to my house and he said they were super strong. Im at the end of my rope. Any help is appreciated. 

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    Hello 777,

    We have replied to your email and we will continue to work with you via email. Thanks

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    I have the same issue.  Seems like several of us do.  Started happening about a month plus ago.  ESPN and ESPN2 are the worst so much so as to make them unwatchable.  I've had multiple technicians here with no resolution.  If somebody finds a fix, please post it.