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4 years ago

Error code XRE 06014

I’ve had COX with the Contour here for about 7 weeks. Constant since day one issue with remotes not working properly on any of the boxes. Try to fast forward and when you hit the button to resume it jumps back to right where you started from. Hour on the phone, told Cox can’t fix it. So spending over $200 a month for Cox services only to live with this constant annoyance. Night before last I start getting an error message that says my recording can’t be accessed at this time try again later. Long story short, wasted 1:45 online with chat, no resolution. Another hour + after finally reaching a human, system reboot and several attempts by technician to repair without success. This doesn’t count resetting and unplugging several times to jump start the system. Cox can’t get anyone out to investigate for 24 hours more. So I google the error code and lo and behold I see people for several YEARS are having this same problem. Does Cox not listen to customers or notice a trend when numerous people from several locations all keep having the same problem with the Contour system? Excuse me Mr/Ms Head of Cox sir/ma’am, if your equipment does not do what you say it will do either by poor design or through poor quality control the proper response is to FIX it, not let it keep dragging out over years. 
Has ANYONE successful at getting this issue resolved or did you have to change your provider?

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    I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate your concern. I completely understand your frustration as sometimes there are situations that are not handled in the best possible way. If you somehow find the willingness to email our team, please send your account details to

    Jonathan J
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