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4 years ago

error code xre-03092

error code xre-03092 comes up saying I can’t watch the movie now it’s not available and can’t finish watching a movie I rented. I tried other movie rentals that are free and same error code. I called twice to cox customer service and they reset, refreshed, updated etc everything they according to the technician rep yesterday and today but still same error code comes up. The only thing I’m guessing it could be is the box because I just got a brand new box three days ago. I also had a service technician come out the day I installed the box for a separate issue and he checked my box and all cables. So I know the box itself was checked already by a service tech who said it’s good. Anyone else have this issue?

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  • Hi Giuseppe13, the XRE error indicates you are on the Contour 2 platform. Have you tried power cycling the DVR or resetting the DVR using the reset tool on or the Cox Connect App?

    Mike J.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator