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3 years ago

Error code 19???? Contour box c2xg1hostdvr

We have a contour box model number c2xg1hostdvr. We just got this box, and for some reason it will not activate. We get the welcome banner, and then we get an error saying it can't be activated. Error code 019. We have called cox but nobody can fix it. We have done the troubleshooting, and cox says our signal is fine, so it seems like there us something wrong with the box. 

We replaced thus box because our last box kept getting stuck in boot mode, if that helps. 

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    Hello Speckopolis,

    We'd be glad to look into this for you. Please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, street address, and details of your issue or a link to your forum post.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator