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4 years ago

Error code 1 PSt

My  primary TV stopped working yesterday afternoon. It is connected to a Cox X G1A DVR.  I have tried to reboot it many times on line and by unplugging and plugging in. It always gets "stuck" at the error code 1 PSt.  I spent a great deal of time with Cox agents asking what that error code meant. Both of them did not know and both abruptly disconnected the chat without explanation ( By the way, an Excellent Customer Service technique!).  Two other TVs connected on the same cable as this DVR do not work.  One TV in the garage not connected to this DVR works just fine.  TV's came back on this morning fine, but abruptly froze this afternoon again and I am back locked at the 1 PSt screen.  I have looked at several other forums for this box used by other providers. It seems that most think the DVR is going bad and I need to replace it.  (My next move it to connect it to the cable and TV in my garage to see if it works there.)   Any ideas? 

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    @Jim VD

    That error code means at the time it comes up that the signal levels are bad or unusable. Since it comes and goes, see if there are any splitters that you can remove to help your signal levels.

    Jonathan J
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