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9 months ago

DVR recordings deleted

My DVRd recordings were deleted last week for some reason. The agent gave me steps to recover them but they’re confusing if you’re not computer savvy. Has anyone else had this problem & if so how was it resolved?

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      He said I’ll need to recover formatted hard drives to get my recordings back.

      Method 2. Retrieve deleted DVR recordings from a backup.

      Step 1: Access your drive and open the video backup folder.

      Step 2: Find the backup files of the videos you lost and select them.

      Step 3: Copy the videos back to the original storage.

      Also…I checked to see if shows I recorded last night were still there and they aren’t. I’m wondering if it’s the daily update that’s causing the problem.

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        How would you access your drive? Are they suggesting you open the box? 😲  Or do you have cloud DVR?

        Also, you don't own the box or any content on the box so it isn't yours to copy. What a odd response from Cox.

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      The four unlocked Related Content threads currently in the upper right of this page are all about this subject.  As you can see, it's been an issue for several years.  

      You may not have noticed, but you're replying to two year old posts in the other thread.