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4 years ago

DVR Not Recording

Here is the situation...

We had two outages last week, each for several hours. The second of those was on Thursday, February 18. When things came back up, our host DVR cable box would not come up. It gave a message about needing an update but unable to reach something to get it.  This is where the frustrations began.

1.) Spent about two hours in chat Thursday evening with the result being that we had to exchange our box at a Cox Store or somehow acquire a replacement box

2.) On Friday, I went to a Cox store to exchange box. Set it up, but it does not record.

3.) Friday night... About two MORE hours on a Cox chat to try to troubleshoot the issue with the result being we needed Cox to come out to resolve it in person

4.) On Sunday, had a two hour appointment window. Cox person showed up about an  hour into it and stayed for just under an hour with the result being that the signal level from the street was not 

5.) On Monday workers came out to do whatever they needed to do from the street. They left saying things had been fixed. However, as I am sure you can guess, we still cannot record on our DVR.

6.) After all of the hours we have put in to this, I am very frustrated and being given the run around on the phone, including getting cold transfers within the last hour and also totally disconnected twice.

Bottom line... About four hours of chat time, two hours appointment time, 1 hour to go to Cox store to exchange box, several hours while they worked at street today, and about an hour on the phone just now, and we STILL do not have  DVR that can record. Yes, I am upset but I feel I have a good reason to be. No one is able or willing to help and there is no one that has taken any type of ownership wit this problem.

Please, Cox. Help.

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    Certainly understand you frustrations

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    Hi Mildewman,

    We apologize you continue to have issues with your DVR service. We'd be glad to help and take a closer look into this. Please send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, street address, and details of your issue or a link to your forum post. -Mary