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4 years ago

DVR freezes during playback

On an intermittent basis, my DVR freezes about 10 to 20 minutes into a hour recorded program.  The program control also stalls and may take several minutes to exit the recorded program.  After exiting and returning to the program, I'm able to restart it the beginning and then fast forward through the stalled position and restart the program without further issue.  I never have problems with live tv freezing, just some recorded programs.  The programs are recorded on various channels.

I had a technician come out and check our signal and connections and he couldn't find anything wrong.  Unplugging the Contour receiver/DVR and rebooting doesn't help.

Has anybody had the same problems?  Looking for suggestions as how to solve this issue.

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    It’s happened several times this week. If I try to forward it I might get a “Try later” which does nothing except freeze me out so that the remote does nothing. Exit does nothing. Turning tv/box on/off does nothing. It takes several irritating minutes. There’s a green light that doesn’t do anything. It’s happened 2+ times in 2days. 

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      @Ayntvee, Is this happening with multiple recordings or just one? -Allan -Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    Hello Gelder4,

    Do you notice any error message when the dvr show freezes?