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2 years ago

DVR deletions

Well I can see that this is a major problem will all the views and comments. We do not have the cloud, however our movies are being deleted off the DVR. We have replaced the Contour box twice in the last 5 years I believe. This deletion issue never was an issue with the old boxes.  This is a service we pay for every month. It is not working properly and Cox wanted to charge us for a service call, which apparently they don't have a fix for. The agent on the phone was more interested in signing us up for some service plan for 10 dollars a month. We pay over 300 dollars for their services already. I am so disappointed in the product and the lack of responsibility by Cox to resolve these issues for their customers.  It is no wonder so many are dropping out. 

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  • Hello TVvalley,

    I am sorry to hear that you lost your recordings. There are some troubleshooting steps that can be taken to try to recover those recordings.

    First, We would want to powercycle the cable box.
    1. Unplug the receiver's power cord from the electrical outlet.
    2. Wait 30 seconds.
    3. Plug the power back into the same outlet.
    4. Press the power button on the front panel of the receiver. The receiver will begin to power back on.

    Next, we want to sync the DVR.
    1. Using the Cox remote press the Contour button.
    2. Highlight the Gear icon, then press OK to access the Settings menu.
    3. Highlight the Device Settings, then press OK.
    4. Highlight Sync DVR, then press OK twice to begin the DVR Sync.

    Finally, go to live TV and try to record something for about 1 minute and then play it back.

    If a service call is needed, we can help schedule this for you. Please email my team at with your name, address, and a link to this thread. Any issues outside of your home or with Cox equipment are our responsibility and will not result in a charge for a service call. If the issue is found to be non-Cox caused a service call fee of $75 may apply. Most service calls are covered if you are subscribed to Cox Complete Care. For more information, please visit us at Only the technician can determine if a fee is waived due to an issue caused by Cox equipment or signal delivery.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator