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4 years ago

Dropping good channels? Why?

Music channels gone, now it seems Inspirational channel is gone. Why? When you get your bill you normally get a little heads up about changes to the channel lineup. If I missed it, I'm sorry.  When we tuned into the channel, all we get is "It's no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience."  No reason is given.

The bill isn't dropping. What is going to replace the Inspiration channel? 

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    View your billing statements online:

    Select your  August  bill from the Billing Period dropdown menu.

    Select the View Bill Details (PDF) link.

    Search for Channel Change Notice in the News From Cox section.

    Do you see the following?

    To provide you with the best TV viewing experience, Cox will be making the following changes to our TV Lineup over the next several months. On September 16, 2020, the following FM radio stations will be removed from our channel lineup...

    It's radio channels that are being dropped.  "Music Choice" channels will remain.

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      I use the TV as a substitute for Radio. No longer can listen to public radio in the morning for breakfast. What gives?

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        NPR?  There an NPR app on Contour.

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    What's the manufacturer and model of your Smart TV?  Perhaps there's an app for that.