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3 years ago

Delayed TV Stream:

For over 10 years when talking on the telephone to friends and family around the country while we are watching the same "game", they are always 15 - 30 seconds ahead of COX in CT.

This isn't a new technical problem. It's COX SOP. Why is it done? How can it be changed. How can I get around it?

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    If your friends and family are watching on receivers that can be paused, ask them to pause 15-30 seconds to watch slightly delayed so that you can all watch together.  The delay wouldn't matter as much then.  You can use the game clock to sync up with each other.  That's probably the only way you'll ever be able to watch without them being ahead of you.  That's not a perfect solution, but if your friends and family are agreeable, it's better than what you've been having to do.  If it's been happening for 10 years, Cox probably isn't going to change.

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    You probably have more links on your segment of the cable-TV distribution system.  There are receiving stations, distribution centers, hubs, trucks, tributaries, nodes, etc.  Why do you always seem to be slower?  It could be Connecticut.  States and locales dictate who can install what equipment and where.

    Curt has the most pragmatic solution, unless your friends & family relish your delay.