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3 years ago

Decades TV

I was watching decades tv, Channel 99, on wednesday June 1 2022 and at noon it just disappeared, what happened??? Cox having this channel is one of the reasons we switched from DishNetwork, please bring it back if you let it go, its a great channel

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  • Hi Pumpkin025, I'm sorry to hear that the channel disappeared. I know how frustrating that can be and I am happy to research this channel. Please private message me with your complete home address. your first/last name and the name of the primary account holder. Thank you, -Mike
  • Pumpkin025,

    You may email us at or reach out to us on Twitter @coxhelp, or on Facebook.

    Thank you,
    Mike J.
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      Yes, curious too why the Decades Channel 99 completely   disappeared.  I knew METV was moving to a new channel but that it was ‘over the air’ move.  I have Cox Cable but am experimenting with an antenna to see what I can get in my area which is Southern Highlands in the Southwest part of the Valley.  Have not been able to get Decades or too many channels but will keep trying. Very frustrating to loose channels you enjoy on Cox. 

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    I'll presume KHSV in Las Vegas.  If so, from Wiki...

    "On June 1, 2022, MeTV was moved from KLAS-TV's subchannel 8.2 to channel 21.1, displacing H&I as the main affiliate channel to subchannel 21.2, as well as moving Decades to subchannel 21.6."

    Subchannel means over-the-air broadcasts.  Meaning, KHSV switched Decades from subchannel 21.3...which is the channel Cox puts onto subchannel 21.6.

    It appears KHSV broadcasts a lot of retro channels over-the-air:  Antenna TV, Circle, Decades, H&I, MeTV and Start TV.

    You can still watch Decades with an antenna...maybe even get rid of cable!

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      This is so disappointing. I live in a condominium so I am restricted to a small antenna. Even if I can snake it over to a window, I barely pick up anything. I can't imagine that Decades costs Cox very much to carry so this is very frustrating. No warning, no information on the internet. I hope it's just some technical difficulty. 

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        Windows aren't always the best choice to position an antenna because broadcast frequencies can travel through walls.  You might have a crappy antenna.  Care to share its make/model?