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3 years ago

Cox vs. Comcast ~ Significant difference in platform quality and price

I was stunned when we moved from a Comcast area to Cox.  I'm probably duplicating a topic that has been beaten to death for years but I'm just now experiencing this problem; thus my post.  The cost was nearly 50% higher and the COX platform itself was infantile compared to what was available on Comcast.  Also, the cost of internet was 200%+ higher for the same service; i.e., $99 versus $30.  What I was paying less than $200 at Comcast now costs me over $300 and the service itself is SIGNIFICANTLY deficient compared to what we had at Comcast.  Personally, I would be OK with the cost difference if the service was at least the same or better than Comcast, but it isn't even close.  Would love to find out if anyone else had experienced the same kind of noticeable differences.  I'm truly surprised that COX doesn't do some kind of "FOCUS" group to help expose these differences.  Obviously, COX does not care about their "Commitment" to us as they state on the Home page of this website.  Maybe they should concentrate more on our service and the cost of it to us, than spending time and money exuding their "commitment " to "equality".  Any idiot can see that the "equality" in this country has now become a "reversed" situation; I can't imagine that working out very well in the end.  Anyway, just give us solid service and product for a decent price and quit screwing us over.

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