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2 years ago

cox tv outage

I think it is back in southeast Kansas; I haven't had time to check everything, but at least some of the channels are back.

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    I have many problems with my Sony TV and Sony Remote and FireStick. Replaced Modem and small box in bedroon. Now, Everything is working except my Sony remote refuses to change from the opening channel. Any solutions? I have tried Firestick and 4 Cox remotes, too.

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      Has it been since the outage? If not, might want to make your own thread on the issue. Some questions I have:

      1. What model TV?

      2. What model or generally what is "small box"?

      3. What are you trying to do exactly? Watch live TV on the Firestick?

      4. Using the Sony remote, are you able to change the input of the TV to the HDMI input you use for the Firestick? If not, something is wrong with the TV and/or remote.

      5. When did this problem start? Since getting the TV?

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      Are you saying that when you turn the TV on, it stays on a certain channel on the TV, or the CableBox?