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3 years ago

Cox TV Delay

Why is there such a delay on Cox TV? My streaming apps fare about a minute ahead of what I’m seeing on TV. I’ve only notice this the last month or so. Also friends i amchatting with online their TVs are a minute ahead of mine.

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    Thanks Cox for ruining Game 5 of WS. Talking to my father in law watching with a different carrier, he yelled Grand Slam I had to wait for the not so climatic bomb for over 30 seconds. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It’s ridiculous, I’m ready to switch providers I just don’t know which one would fix the problem. 

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      Hi @Rickster916
      We definitely wouldn't want you to switch providers. Email us at with your full name/address, and we can further investigate the issues you have been having.
      Ben S.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    My neighbor cheers for a touchdown  and I see it later. I've switched carriers and it didn't help. Same thing with my brother no matter what country he is calling me from,  Cox is slower. Cox doesn't care about it all. So long as they get you money why fix anything?