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4 years ago

Cox premium channels and roku

Approximately one week ago I was able to stream hbo, cinemax showtime starz movie channel on my roku using my cox account for premiums channels I pay for.

As of 2-3 days ago when I go to watch starz on roku it shows doesn't recognize my email?  Will not let me watch my cox premium channels or movies on roku anymore after approx 5 months of being able to watch?  What is going on?  Did Cox stop allowing Roku to let their customers to watch the premium channels now?  Can still view Roku vhannels ie hbo cinemax starz etc on my computer to watch movies through cox & these channels but not the roku device on my tv.  I used my apple phone movie to watch also and that doesn't work anymore?

Is cox having a dispute with Roku?

Please help

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  • Hi Dlyn. We have no way to know what devices you are using to watch your favorite channels nor are we able to block any 3rd party devices that you may use to watch them i.e. Roku, Firestick, Smart TV, etc. Have you tried to remove the app and reinstall it to see if this works? - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator