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5 years ago

Cox mini box and contour?

We pay $119 for tv essentials and mini boxes. Can we upgrade to contour and still use the mini boxes or do we need another tv receivers or each tv?

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    mini boxes do not receive contour channels you will need new equipment

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    Jonathan J
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  • I have 2 stand alone mini box that receive many of the cable channels that work on TV's that just are used for viewing.  It's surprising how many channels are available...ESPN, CNN, FOX, kids channels.....If you have the mini's and have multiple TV's you don't need Contour.  However, if you want to record, search or voice remote, Contour 1 or 2 is required.  The cost goes up because COX charges for service and device.  The mini's are really inexpensive.  I have 2 Contour2 boxes, instead of 1 Host and 1 client for the 2 DVR.  There also is a 6record for a higher price.  I do pay extra for the higher tier, however, no premium channel.  NOW, because I pay extra, I'm not sure if the mini boxes pick up these additional cable channels.  TV prices are way too high