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4 years ago

Cox get your Sh*t together! Horrible service!

Omg cox what is your problem? Since we started getting your service again it’s nothing but problem after problem! Do you guys just enjoy charging people ridiculous amounts of money for ** service? I just don’t understand Why there r problems after problems! I never had any issues with direct tv when we had their service but we switch to cox and it’s nothing but problems! Right now I can’t even watch any channel without the sound going out every thirty seconds and the tv keeps pausing and I’ll miss a whole bunch of important words in the show to fully know what’s going on and if I don’t rewind for a second then the sound never comes back on at all but the show will be going as if I muted the tv but I didn’t and the only way to get the sound back on is to either rewind for a second or change the channel and then go back to the channel I was watching! I’m getting so frustrated cuz I was really into a show earlier and the tv keeps pausing and the sound would go out and if I would try to rewind so I could watch the stuff I missed or didn’t hear it wouldn’t rewind, it would look like it’s rewinding but when I hit play it would go to live tv and no matter how many times I would try to rewind it so I could watch what I missed due to the horrible service and it pausing every ten seconds along with the sound going out it would never rewind and only take me to live tv which pissed me off more than anything cuz I needed to see and hear the part it messed up on! And the reason I was able to see enough to even get into the show was cuz when I went to a new channel it would be ok for about five minutes or only have one or two little pauses in the first ten minutes of the new channel giving me time to really get into the show! And the reason I even had to change the channel was cuz of how bad it was on the channel I first started watching so I reboot my box and changed the channel hoping maybe it was just that channel and just as I’m really into the new show the same ** would happen and it would have pauses every thirty seconds along with the sound going out! Ugh it’s making me so mad I don’t even want to watch tv even though I pay for service so I can watch tv whenever And so I have entertainment but no u guys can’t give me good service which is absolutely ridiculous! And before this I went three months In a row with bad service and other problems cuz u guys don’t know how to fix the problems and make ur customers go months and months with bad service while u take ur sweet time to fix the service All while still charging ur customers! So when r u guys gonna get ur head out of ur a** and get ur sh** together? Seriously?

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    Sounds like you have a bad box or boxes. Happened to me, too. Took about 30 seconds for Cox to give me a new box at their service center. Been working fine since then. My solution for you?  Change out your box(es).

    Also - if Direct was so great ( which I doubt) why did you change.just curious...

  • @Comowest, Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to so we can look into this concern for you. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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    Same issue here.  Did you ever get it resolved?  I have the issue on all three boxes.

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      @Tammyandme, Is this happening with all recordings or just one? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator