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3 years ago

Cox Customer Loyalty

I have been a strict Cox customer for many years always recommend to family and friends until recently.  I do have all of the channels and Netflix streaming as well through Cox because we are avid movie watchers in my home. But my cable price jump so high this month because my bundle discount expired. My question is this. Shouldn't customers who have proven their loyalty and pay their complete bill every mother with no carry over balance be rewarded with a balance that can be locked in. Would it not be better to have satisfied client who are paying x amount of dollars every month rather than those same loyal client who are now as I am searching the multiple available streaming apps as well as other cable providers who are lower in cost. What we all know is this we are not with Cox because their rates are so low we are also not with Cox because their continuity in services is infallible. We are with Cox because of the ease in which we can receive our services. So, getting back to the customer loyalty plan I think Cox should rethink this it's better to have happy paying customers than to have no paying customers. What do ya'll think,

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