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3 years ago

Contour starts Spontaneously after error code RDK-1000

Contour starts spontaneously after error code RDK-1000- TV service was down for two days with error code RDK-1000. Tried Cox remote reboot, unplugging and restarting all cable boxes- nothing worked. Several hours after scheduling a technician to come to the house, the TV service started on it's own. Should I keep the scheduled appointment to check the cable boxes anyway, to keep this from happening in the future?

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    Depends on appointment.  If it's tomorrow, I'd cancel.  If it's in the next 2-3 days, I'd monitor Contour for a few days and if okay, cancel.  I think Cox has a money-grubbing rule to still charge if you cancel an appointment under 24 hours.

    After a significant outages such as yours, there were/are thousands of households with cable-boxes bombarding Cox to get back on-line.  it just took a while.