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4 years ago

Contour Service and Internet Connectivity

For the Contour service to work, does it have to be connected to the Panoramic WiFi or can I put the router in Bridge Mode and then connect the Contour receiver to the mesh WiFi that I've set up through a security gateway and switch?

For a more detailed explanation, here is a description of how I've set up my network:

Cox Pano ----------- Unifi Security Gateway ---------- 8 port switch -------- mesh WiFi

Currently the only things connected through the Cox Panoramic WiFi are the 4 Contour devices.  What I want to do is put the Cox Panoramic into Bridge Mode, then route with the Unifi Gateway.  I have a few devices connected by ethernet cable through the switch, including the 3 node mesh WiFi.  I need the Cox Pano in bridge mode because I need to set up a site-to-site VPN with my work.  However, I have held off setting that up because I've been told that that the Contour receivers need to be connected to the Cox Panoramic WiFi.  Wouldn't they work if they were connected through my mesh WiFi?

Has anyone done this?

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  • Hello RobIT, the wireless boxes do require the Panoramic modem's wifi to be active and not in bridge mode. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Allan, I did a test by turning off the Panoramic WiFi.  The wireless box brought up a dialog to reconnect and it let me connect to my Linksys Velop mesh WiFi with no issue.  The box works just as it did connected to the Pano WiFi.  I have not yet put it in bridge mode, but I no longer have the Pano WiFi on.

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        It is interesting to see that you were able to get it to work however you may experience unintended operational issues by having it setup this way. I suspect by connecting through a 3rd party wifi our end will see the video traffic as data and metering it accordingly for starters. Based on the connection requirements you've described you may best be serivced with traditional Contour 2 receivers instead of the wifi boxes which would then eliminate the need to use the Panoramic Wifi gateway.