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4 years ago

Contour recording Grouping changed

With my old cox box, I could simply record all NFL games and it would group them all under "NFL football", regardless of what channel or time they were on.  This included Sunday night football, Monday night football, or even random games through the week.  Easy peezy.

With the new Cox interface, the best I can achieve for grouping is Monday Night football, and Sunday Night football.., but in general 90% of the games on during the week are not part of an official series like those, and it WILL NOT group anything under "NFL football" like it used to with the old system.   So I end up with a huge list of recorded NFL football games which are NOT part of a series taking up a lot of space on the display causing GREAT anger by my better half.  

The old cox box was able to easily determine what "NFL football" was and regardless of channel or time, it would put them all under one nice grouping.  Can't do it with the "Improved" contour system.

Any help is appreciated..

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  • Hi Johnny. Thanks for contacting us and for providing that feedback. I will pass this along to our Video Team as I am not finding any way record all the games unless it asks for either a specific night or a specific team. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator