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9 months ago

Contour not updating

Good morning! I've noticed that Contour is no longer updating every morning around 4 a.m. The last time I noticed it updating was Wednesday, August 16. Here, in the Virginia Beach area where I live, we had a cable outage last Tuesday around 6 p.m., so I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but it hasn't worked daily since then. This also means that OnDemand hasn't been updated since then. I noticed this morning that at 4;04 a.m. the light on the cable box got brighter so I thought it was going to update. However, it only blinked once and that was it. On Saturday and Sunday (I was up watching the World Cup soccer games) it didn't update at all.

Can you check on this?

Thank you.

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  • What model of Contour box do you have?
    Any idea of its current firmware version?
    Does checking for (and applying any available) firmware updates resolve it? (Poke around the settings menu.)
    Do you have a second (or even third) Contour box that does work? (Or do you have multiple with the same issue?)

    The cable outage could very well be the root cause, though I would try a cold reboot (full power-off / power-on) to see if that does the trick. (Yes, yes, the old "turn it off and on again" trope; sometimes, by cosmic coincidence, it works wonders.)

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      (Poke around the settings menu.)

      I couldn't find any documentation on how to update firmware on the boxes. Can you provide instructions?

      BTW, welcome to the forum. 🙂

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        Heh, thanks.

        1. Fire up the Settings menu via the gear icon that appears at the far right of the top row when you press the "Contour" button on the remote.
        2. Scroll down to the Settings menu item labeled "Help," and open it.
        3. In the Help menu, you should see four squares at the top labeled "Restart," "System Refresh," "Remote Setup," and "Reset Netflix." Open the one labeled "System Refresh."
        4. Once the System Refresh prompt is displayed, click "Refresh Now."
        5. Grab a snack.
        6. Once the system comes back up, and is ready to use, it should have the latest firmware. (Part of that process of refreshing is to poll online servers for the latest available firmware, and if newer, download it, and install it.)

        Good luck, and godspeed. ^u^