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Contour DVR - How to record all games of a specific league (not individual teams/games)?

Replaced old Cox DVR with Contour DVR in May 2023. I'm now trying to set up recordings for Canadian Football League (CFL) games. Not specific games or teams, just all CFL games that show up in the future. It seems like I should be able to record all programs with the string "CFL Football" in the title, but I don't see a way of doing that. What am I doing wrong? Is there no way to do this? Having to manually search for individual episodes and set recordings for them is kind of a pain.

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  • Hello, saying "CFL Football" into the voice remote. Will help locate any upcoming games. This would currently be the best way to locate and set up recordings for upcoming games. We will be happy to supply your feedback regarding this. If we can assist with anything pertaining to your account directly? Please reach out to us anytime for assistance. Have a great day. -Dan
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      Thanks for the suggestion. If I understand correctly I would have to do this every few days because it's only capable of finding shows in the current range of the guide. Is there no way to "set it and forget it" such that the DVR would capture these shows in perpetuity (until I cancel)? I used to have a Tivo with this functionality and it was wonderful. I can't believe such a useful feature wouldn't be copied by every DVR maker.