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5 years ago

contour box keeps resetting

i have the main box and the extra smaller box.  for 2 weeks now the box keeps getting a pop up message saying the check the connections and the then the box wants to restart.  We have has 3 different cox techs out to look at it, changed the boxes twice.  tapped into different feed lines.  They say the signal is strong but it seems to keep getting worse and worse with the resets.  On tech said that a new cell phone tower could be causing interference i the lines.  They said that the wireless boxes may be better but i can only have 2 at mu house.  One tech said maybe up to 4, another said 3 but the store says 2.   I am an confused about what the issue is and what can be done to fix it. 

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    Hello, I'm sorry you've been experiencing ongoing issues with our TV service. In reference to the number of receivers allowed in the home, we generally recommend 3 client receivers for every host receiver. In other words, 4 hard-wired receivers total. For our wireless receivers, the restrictions are entirely dependent on the level of service the customer is subscribed to. At any rate, what you're experiencing is not normal and I feel that another service technician should go out to investigate this further. For additional support, please email us at

    Please also make sure all connections are free of damage and secured tightly, and that all splitters and amplifiers in your home are in working condition. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator