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4 years ago

Contour 2 receiver Glitching

My contour 2 receiver keeps pixelating on recordings. The audio keeps cutting out as well.

I have reached out to tech and they said the issue was due to an update to some accounts (they said no update to my account)

The issue had been occurring since before the "update" and is still happening a week later.

I also cannot use the 3rd party apps if there is an active recording, the box crashes.

Live TV periodically freezes as well...

I need help from the community resolving the issue. I'm guessing corrupt memory. I think this because my box couldn't boot for 13 days after I got service, and was stuck in a boot cycle for 13 days straight as the account was likely setup incorrectly. The service issue was corrected after 2 week. These dvr issues have been occurring for the past 14 days and I cannot get it resolved. 

The box has been reset by tech support. It has been power cycled. The connections are good and are the same connections for the previous cox service on the address.

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    Hi @Caity,

    You can hit the A triangle button then do a 'System Refresh' that may help. Because you have had issues with it booting up as well you may need to get this box replaced. You can always email us at and we can ship you a replacement box.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator