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12 months ago

Closed Captions on Channel 4

Closed captioning is turned off in settings, but channel 4 is still showing closed captioning.  I think it's being broadcast that way.  Is everyone else seeing this?

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    Before you contact Cox or the guy in charge of the 1000 monkeys, you might see what happens after you reboot your cable box.

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    @Mr. Nobody

    if you manage to find your way back here, you should know that this is a user forum with contributors living in multiple states across the U.S.  Your "Channel 4" will not be the same for most of the people who read this.  If you're going to ask for channel specific information, you must specify your market, i.e. the city where you live, and the channel call letters.  A better choice would be to contact

    So, to answer your question.  No, everyone else is not seeing that.

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    If emailing Cox leads no where, try this contact;

    M.R. Rehberg 
    Manager, Closed Captioning 
    Cox Communications, Inc. 
    1400 Lake Hearn Dr. 
    Atlanta, GA. 30319
    (888) 278-6660
    (404) 847-6257

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    Make sure Closed Captioning is ALSO off on your TV Settings.