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10 months ago

Channel 388 INSP

I really enjoy this channel and it never fails that during the afternoon it's impossible to watch this channel. It is constantly pixelating & freezing. I have called so many times about this I can't even count and nobody can fix it. Seems the only respond Cox has is to upgrade my Internet equipment yet we can stream movies on Netflix and Amazon without a problem.

anybody else have problems with a specific channel?

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  • Hello, I am very sorry you have not had the best experience with Cox. I know I would be frustrated as well if my services were not consistent. We value your business, and I would be happy to help. Please email us your full name and complete address at for further assistance. Thank you!

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    I have this problem all hours of the day everyday. Makes me sooo mad. I had the top internet possible, made no difference. The gosh dang internet/wifi should not effect our cable channels whatsoever. Two totally different things.