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4 years ago

Cable Box Connection Issues

Beginning in early February, the television would suddenly go blank and come back after 20-30 seconds.

Then, beginning in mid February the mini cable box would not connect when starting the television first thing in the morning.  Only  hard booting the cable box will restore the connection.

Some mornings the cable box will not startup even after a hard boot and this message comes up:

Sorry there seems to be some trouble
Please tighten your cable connections and then restart your TV Box. This can often fix common problems.

There is a Restart option and after clicking on that the cable box eventually connects.

At this point I contacted tech support and a technician came out on 3/1/21, checked all connections and replaced the cable mini box.  The problem persisted and there is now an additional issue that began on 3/5/21.

The Cable Service goes blank every day at precisely 12:21 PM local time. Temporary workaround as follows:

Unplugged Cable Box for several minutes, then plugged back in.
The WELCOME screen comes on and the cable box reconnects after a few minutes and service
is restored.

A second technician came out on 3/10/21, checked connections and hard booted the router.  The problems persist.  I have to hard boot the cable box every morning and again every day at 12:21 PM.

Thank you.  Please advise.

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    Why would the tech reboot your router?  What's the make and model of your cable-box?  Is it the Wireless Contour box?