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8 months ago

Burial of cable

A work was put I. To bury the cable on the in side of my fence. The person was supposed to come last Friday but never came. I took the lock off the gate so that he was able to complete the job. My fence has been without the lock for weeks. This need to be completed ASAP 

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    When was the work order put in? Different areas have various laws in place. In Virginia before a cable can be buried, Miss Utility has to come out and mark all underground services. In other areas, permits are required. I know in one area in Az., it got to a point that it took 2-3 months to get a cable buried because the township was so behind on their paperwork. 

    It's not something they can simply put in a work order and get done in a few days. Normal time would be 2-8 weeks to get surveys/permits etc.