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3 years ago

Billing - Rate Increase! HORRIBLE!

I just contacted Cox about their ridiculous rate increase. The first associated advised me to contact the Loyalty Department for a better rate, which I did. However, Louie in the  Loyalty department quoted a price that was higher than the rate increase. How does that make sense? If I clearly explained my disappointment with the current price, why would you try to upsell me on something that I have no need for right now. He wanted to give me unlimited internet which I never asked about. Please encourage your associates to listen. Then he went back to find a better rate and magically came back with a rate that was 4 dollars less than what I would be paying with the rate increase. How ridiculous!!!  I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager but he refused and said that he was the only one with the promotions. I also informed him that I was already locked into a promotion that I recently completed, but that did not matter due to the rate increase. I really do not think that he was listening. Cox no longer honors loyalty or contract agreements. It is time to take my business elsewhere. 

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  • Hi Private Numbers,

    Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas, and get information relating to Cox products and services. Billing and account questions that require the sharing of personal information aren't suited for a public forum. For further assistance, please email us at with this post, your full name, and your complete address. You can also reach out to us on Facebook ( or Twitter (

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