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10 months ago

Big Ten Channel in Omaha Metro area.

What in the "H. E. double toothpicks" is going one with COX Cable every Satureday during college football games,  I pixalizes every Saturday when they play different games on 80, 81, and 82.   Any other time of the week it is perfectly fine when they have the same shows on 80, 81, and 82.  It really pisses me off when I've been on Cox cable for close to 30 years and use their phone, cable, and internet conection that we pay $370 a month for this crap.  It also seems that every time we want to watch a movie the same pixalizing happens.  All TV's in the house it happens to.  Two TV's have the nice converter boxex and 3 have the small basic boxes, and they happen to every box when wathing Big 10 football.  My nieghbors are having the same exact problem.  It seem to me that Cox does not have enough band wilth to handle 3 different games running at the same time on 80, 81, and 82.  ut if they have the same thing running on 80, 81, and 82 everything seems to be fine.  

Is anyone having the same problem?


BTW, I have a freaquency amplifier that was provided by cox that is suposed to help with things like this but isn't working for Saturday football games.


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  •  I am so sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your service. I work from home and can certainly understand the importance of having reliable service. We value you as part of the Cox family and would love the opportunity to assist you. Please DM us your complete name and address so we can assist you. -Doris