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3 years ago

Bally sports channel

Hi there, Is anyone else noticing that the channel description & what's actually on the channel is totally different from what the channel guide is saying it should be? It's happened numerous times. The channel guide says OU football but when you tune in, it's anything but accurate. With CFB starting up, this needs to be addressed. 

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    Hi @Encore And Movie Pak
    I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your favorite sporting events without interruption. I checked the live feed coming in and the programming seems to be correct at the moment. The next time that it happens please email us at with your full name/full address and the channel number that is not showing the correct programming.
    Ben S.
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      All summer long we’ve received the KC Royals game on Bally KC/YUR TV on channel 22. This past weekend, instead of the Royals baseball game we got the Greenwood - Ft Smith Southside high school football game. The program was repeated Friday night, Saturday night and Monday night. These Were Repeats!   Each time it pre-empted the LIVE Royals baseball.  What’s the deal? Does someone in Cox management have a kid on the team or what?  Enough with repeating a high school football game! Please show the KC Royals or lose this customer. 

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        You need to complain to Bally they handle the feed sent to cox.  Lots of luck I am still waiting for them to fix the streaming of Royal games out of house.

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    Bally Sports is unreliable.  This is solely a Bally Sports issue.  Cox has no control over it.

    I watch sports delayed so that I can fast forward through commercials.  I tried to record my team's game yesterday, but the Bally Sports broadcast was the wrong game.  I tried recording today's game too.  In place of the scheduled game, they broadcasted something called "The Icons: Leadership in Sports" for the first half hour.  I continued fast forwarding after that through about an hour and 20 minutes of beach volleyball before it abruptly switched to my game during the volleyball match.  (Someone at Bally Sports must have woke up from a nap).  By then, it was the 6th inning of the game I wanted to watch.