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12 months ago

Ax061aei Cable Box/DVR

Have two new cable box/DVR's. Very small; about 4 inches square. Main box kept future programs which I had recorded off the previous larger box, although those programs which I had saved are gone. Second box: did not save any future programs. Nothing shown under "Saved" > "Recordings" > "Scheduled", although all future recordings are shown on the main box. Both boxes the same. I tried to record a show which is already scheduled on the main box but it will not allow me to do so. It DOES allow me to records shows which are NOT scheduled to record on the main box: BUT it will not show them as future recordings. Plus, one scheduled recording which just completed was NOT listed under "Saved"/"recording". Anyone understand what I am trying to say? Second box works well but will not display future recordings or allow me to put the red dot next to those shows, but will let me record other shows but, again, not showing up under "scheduled".

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    Call Cox tech support and have them verify that all boxes are provisioned properly. If they are not correctly coded, then one or more may not provide all the services you are supposed to receive. You MAY have to request escalation tot he CAG to have them properly verify the provisioning on all boxes, since the program to do that ICOMS, isn't used by the first level of support. 

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      since the program to do that ICOMS, isn't used by the first level of support. 

      Really? Wow. More Tier 1 brain drain huh? Do they just use INAV now?

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        Nope, they do everything in the MonkeyScript called Solution Center. I think SC was the worst mistake Cox has made. Tier 1 is no longer technically adept, and if you Don't know what you are troubleshooting, then a script isn't going to do any good. You cannot imagine how many times someone was escalated to CAG, for a "Cannot connect to WiFi" problem, but the problem was their MODEM was offline. Because Tier 1 doesn't KNOW what they are doing, they don't know WHAT to troubleshoot or HOW to troubleshoot. SC is a waste of money, AND time, and since T1 no longer understands what they are troubleshooting, even the best script in the world would be useless. A friend of mine in CAG actually had an agent ask him what an IP address was... Really, that right there should answer every question you could ask!