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4 years ago

APPS-4033 issue when using apps on contour

I was in the middle of watching youtube through the app and it cut out. Went back and got this error on trying to connect. Reset the box three times, through the help on the screen, once through a cold start of the box and once via support.

I was able to watch one more youtube video and it happened again. I tried amazon prime video and it connected and froze. I had to cold reboot the box and got the same errors all over again.

The box has never been moved, in fact none of the hardware has been moved since it was installed.

If I understand this correctly, the app gets feeds and these aren't necessarily controlled by cox, however it seems no one can verify the status of these feeds.

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    We can’t access Prime either. Been happening over the past few days

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      Do you get any error codes? I'm an IT guy w/decades in the business and it strikes me that if a software update was pushed out anywhere in the architecture, there could be a relation. I had an issue w/prime in the past and that turned out to be an issue w/the feed from amazon. The tech I spoke to suggested that they had little control over the feeds.

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        Hello Xero,

        This an ongoing issue that we are aware of and are working to resolve the issue as fast as possible. Please bear with us. Please try the apps now as the issue has been resolved.

        Crystal S. Cox Support Forum Moderator