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5 years ago

Annoying TV takeover weather alerts from National Weather Service

It's very annoying when the NWS interrupts programming by literally commandeering the Cox receiver, taking it over completely rather than just running a banner across the screen with the information they want to publicize.
If I'm watching a program via the DVR, it kicks the program off. If it was recorded, I can go back and restart it, but if I'm watching it via program delay of my choosing on the DVR, I totally lose what I was watching as it kicks it off and updates to the live broadcast. 
Why can't Cox just run a banner like DirecTV does and leave the programming alone?

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    Hi Elm69, we understand the inconveniences that may happen as a result of the Emergency Alert System. Cox doesn't always have control over the severe weather alerts. The National Weather Service uses the EAS on a local and statewide basis to provide the public with alerts and warnings regarding dangerous weather and other emergency conditions. Your safety and the safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator