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3 years ago

All HD stations have disappeared

All stations show up in "channel lineup," but all HD stations have become inaccessible.  Screen message for every HD channel says, "Your HD programming is still available.  Tune to the corresponding 1, 2, or 3 digit channel."  I am not aware of any message from COX about removing duplicate channels or something like that.  I use TiVo.  Tried reset of TiVo and modem and Cox tuning adapter.  Nothing changes.  Any ideas?

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    What do you mean by "HD"?  HD resolution or HD option?  Are there any view options in your card reader?  Cox remapped the channels some time ago.

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    As Bruce said cox moved the hd channels the sd channel numbers a long time ago

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      And Cox never bothered to inform the programing providers that the HD channels are now the old SD channel numbers.
      Here in Phoenix we still receive the HD channels on both the lower numbers and the 1000's, I did receive a letter over a year ago that the 1000's would be going away, but they are still active.

      Cox please inform the programming providers of the changes you are making and have made already.

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        If HD channels were the future, Cox should have originally mapped HD as sub-1000s.  Just saying.