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3 years ago

720p on all channels in Vegas???

After the recent lineup change by removing all HD channels in the 1000s range, I've noticed that all the channels are now broadcasting in 720p! In a world were content is moving towards 4K and even to 8K in some cases, you guys are going backwards to 720p??? It's a very bad move and one which will result in me, and many others, to drop your video service!

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    Hi @Treknvw
    All of our channels are now in full HD, please check your video setting. If you continue to have issues, please send an email using, we are here to help.

    Ben S.
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    In a world were content is moving towards 4K and even to 8K

    I guess you'll need to provide some evidence of US cable-TV channels broadcasting in 4K...let alone 8K.  Perhaps you could subscribe to a video service in S. Korea.

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      As Ben suggested, did you review your video settings in Contour?  How do you have it set?  Also, explain your setup.  Before the change to the channel line-up, did you notice if the channels were definitely 1080p?

      Video rez is a negotiation between the TV and cable-box.  If the TV is set to 720-only, this is what the cable-box will output.

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        I don't care what the cable box is set to. I want to know the resolution of the source.